Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Oasis Academy Hobmoor retains prestigious diversity award

Oasis Academy Hobmoor retains prestigious diversity award
Daniel Marsh

It’s a time for celebration as we have retained the status of Investors in Diversity for Schools award following a bi-annual reassessment process.

Deserved recognition - Oasis Academy Hobmoor, situated in the heart of Yardley, Birmingham are thrilled at retaining this award after continued months of hard work and dedication by all staff made a challenge by a COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter addressed to the Academy Principal, Darren King from the Chief Executive of National Centre for Diversity, Solat Chaudhry, it said;

“On behalf of the National Centre for Diversity, I would like to congratulate Oasis Academy Hobmoor, their staff and stakeholders on the successful retention of the Investors in Diversity for Schools award following the reassessment process.”

“In moving forward, it is important now for your organisation to disseminate your good practice and approach with your stakeholders and partners whether suppliers or clients. There are clear marketing and publicity opportunities that will arise from this achievement.”

“The Investors in Diversity journey and achievement of the standard gives a positive message to all the stakeholders, internal and external, and each person should be congratulated for their input and success of the organisation.”

“Once again, congratulations on your success to date. We wish you and your organisation all the best in the future and look forward to working with you in the years to come.”

The Investors in Diversity for Schools Award is a nationally recognised equality, diversity accreditation that recognises excellence in this area. The academy has been working hard to ensure an inclusive education is available to all students. Oasis Academy Hobmoor ensures the children have a curriculum that acknowledges their needs and builds on their requirements.

Darren King, Principal at Oasis Academy Hobmoor, commented on the recognition saying; “We are exceptionally proud to retain this award for a further two years. It highlights the dedication of my amazing team of staff, who I would like to sincerely thank for their dedication and commitment to inclusion and diversity, particularly over the last 12 months during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

A key part of the process to gaining this award was for the academy’s internal stakeholders having to complete a questionnaire, to find out as much as possible about how well the academy promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. This formed the basis of how well Oasis Academy Hobmoor did on their journey towards regaining the award.

Within the summary document it highlights Oasis Academy Hobmoor’s commitment to FREDIE and that the school should be accredited against the Investors in Diversity for Schools Standard and would like to congratulate them on this achievement.