Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Safeguarding and RSE

We work closely together to create a stable, happy and hard-working community where everyone matters, and the safety of pupils in placed at the heart of everything we do.

Safeguarding is taught throughout the curriculum in every year whilst your child is at Hobmoor. Tailored to suit the year group, and build in throughout the standard curriculum and in special enrichment and PSHE lessons, we want each of our young people to feel safe, confident and leave us with the knowledge they need to be successful in life. 

Topics covered and the context in which they are taught can be found below.

  • Protecting against discrimination - assemblies, anti-bullying week, awareness fortnight, PSHE, sex education and safety
  • Gang violence, Police - gun and knife crime, PSHE, Echo and Barney stories, PCSOs, assemblies
  • Alcohol - science, life skills, PSHE, Echo and Barney stories
  • Domestic Violence - drama, stories, PSHE, domestic violence workshop
  • Personal Safety/Hygiene - PSHE, sex and safety, school nurse, assemblies
  • Stranger danger - PSHE, learning mentor, assemblies PCSOs
  • E-Safety - E-safety day, workshops, PSHE, Echo and Barney stories, ICT, assemblies
  • Child Sexual Exploitation - PSHE, sex education and safety
  • Self harming & mental health - PSHE, drama
  • Forced marriage - PSHE, humanities, sex and safety
  • Homophobia - visitors, PSHE, assemblies, circle time
  • Road safety - PSHE, Road Safety Day, community, PCSOs
  • Drugs - drama, science, Echo and Barney stories
  • Faith abuse - assemblies, visitors, PSHE
  • Trafficking - assemblies, PSHE, humanities, circle time
  • Physical abuse - PSHE, drama, anti-bullying week, awareness week, childline, Echo and Barney stories
  • Eating disorders - life skills, learning mentor, food skills
  • Neglect - life skills, learning mentor, childcare, PSHE
  • Emotional abuse - PSHE, assemblies, circle time, learning mentors, Echo and Barney stories
  • FGM - PSHE, humanities, sex and safety, childcare, good to be me workshop
  • Sex and Relationships Education - PSHE, childcare, sex and safety
  • Bullying verbal and physical - Hobmoor parliament, anti-bullying week, PSHE, assemblies, PCSOs
  • Extremism - PSHE, drama, assemblies, british values

RSE Curriculum

Please find below some important information and documents about our approach to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Legislation which will be built into our curriculum.

Letter from the Principal

RSHE Gude for Parents/Carers

Yearly Overviews: