Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Remote Learning

During these unprecedented times remote learning is more important than ever. The teachers at Hobmoor have been putting together some great resources to help you carry on learning at home whilst the Academy is closed.  During January 2021 our teachers will be facilitating lessons by either 'live' teaching or recorded sessions, these links can be found via your class dojo page.

The links include programmes, systems and worksheets that we use in the Academy. There are also some links to sites that offer extensive learning pages that include quizzes and learning games. Click on the blue links below to be directed to the web pages or download the worksheets. The tabs below include work targeted at each year group. These tabs will be updated regularly so please do keep checking back.  Click here for a quick link to free resources for ALL year groups.


  • Study times  - how long should the work set by schools take each day? How long will they have with teachers?

KS1 - 3hrs KS2 - 4hrs

  • Accessing the education  - How do students access education? How will you support children with no devices/internet access at home?

Students will access learning via their class dojo page and we will be in touch with those that need support to access the internet and that will need devices for this

  • How will children be taught -  What approaches to teaching are used (i.e. live lessons, recorded teaching, textbooks children have at home, commercially available websites for resource download, SharePoint resources?)

Ours teachers are facilitating a mixture of recorded and live lessons

  • Engagement – How the academy will ensure children are engaging, and track attendance of lessons. How will work be assessed?

Teachers will be keeping track of all children via class dojo

  • Self-isolating students – How do self-isolating students access the remote learning curriculum and access their teachers?

This will be provided and communicated to the child and family in the event of this happening


Darren King



Other Year 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 Resources