Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Outdoor Learning

We are very proud of our Outdoor Learning Space here at Hobmoor. Developed with passion by Yamin Tulloch, part of our playground has been transformed into a thriving educational area, children can lead their own learning within. 

Throughout the development of the space we have been fortunate to have the backing of our senior leaders we were delighted when the outdoor environment was accorded high importance and was included in the academy development plan.  

When we were designing the environment I went straight to the experts and we have gradually introduced new elements to our outdoor space since then! Every year we endeavour to push the boundaries of our success by creating even more opportunities for the children in interesting and unique ways that would make learning fun and exciting!  

The space today features many innovative ways to engage the children, including: 

Forest area – Initially, this was a space filled with bushes and nothing else! By moving some of these bushes, this gave ground to carve an internal footprint where natural play could take place. Today, the forest area is home to the mud kitchen, den, rope bride, rope swing, see saw and the Hobmoor Hideout. 

Caravan – This was purchased second hand from ebay and is a feature that all children love and relish. It provides many imaginative and rich language opportunities for roleplay and our KS1 and 2 children frequently request to go inside too. However, it was a feat to get in and needed a lot of teamwork! 

Woodwork – Deep-level involvement is always found at the woodwork benches. Children access the resources and tools independently, working safely and creatively at the very limits of their capabilities.  

Sanctuary – This is a space where children can grow flowers and vegetables as well as play with our pet guinea pigs and reflect upon learning in a more serene and peaceful setting. 

The outdoor environment is now one of the strengths of Oasis Academy Hobmoor where children thrive and flourish, displaying a true love of learning. Needless to say, it is no longer on the academy improvement plan, it is firmly on the map as a place designed to support all areas of development and a place where children can enjoy the essential and special nature of being outdoors.