Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


The children at Hobmoor benefit greatly from a culturally enriched environment. Our learning approach is based on the principles of cultural entitlement, not as a nice thing to do now and then, but as the basis of all that goes on in the Early Years.

In addition to cultural activities such as arts and crafts, singing, music and dance. We offer a unique and special curriculum for children to broaden their horizons and experiences, which extend and challenge them, creating experiences to which they may not otherwise encounter.


  • Woodwork – Deep-level involvement is always found at the woodwork benches. Children access the resources and tools independently, working safely and creatively at the very limits of their capabilities. The children choose to go to the work bench and can make whatever they want. Adults are available, when needed, to model skills and techniques, to give vocabulary, to encourage and to make suggestions. The interactions, therefore, allow the children to realise their ideas and to overcome any obstacles. Woodwork leads to excellent progress in all areas of development. Children are attracted to the challenges it brings and fascinated by the possibilities.


  • Caravan –This is a feature that all children love and relish here at Oasis Hobmoor. It provides many imaginative and rich language opportunities for roleplay and our KS1 and 2 children frequently request to go inside too. A special and simple open ended resource that is real and gives first-hand experience.


  • Forest area – A place where natural play can take place. An opportunity to connect with the environment in order to explore, experiment, discover, be active and healthy, and to develop physical capabilities. Our forest area is home to the mud kitchen, den, rope bride, rope swing, see saw, weave tunnel, and the Hobmoor Hideout.


  • Sanctuary – This is a calm and serene space where children can aspire to be gardeners by growing flowers and vegetables whilst developing responsibility and patience. They learn about different species of plants such as Jerusalem artichokes and get to sample the fruits of their labour afterwards during cooking activities. We also display children’s artwork here which have taken the form of famous artists such as Piet Mondrian and Kandinsky.


  • Read to succeed – Every morning parents are invited into the classroom to read with their children. This opportunity has allowed parents and children to value the culture of books and reading whilst expanding on home-school connections. Staff are on hand to model, discuss, and give positive feedback to parents. A diverse range of books are available for parents to share stories with their child resulting in a purposeful and engaging start to the day.
  • Library visits – Each year we plan a visit to the local library together with parents to enroll every child. We believe that this is their entitlement to access free books, together with supporting the community. This has been really successful and has enabled parents to start their love of reading for pleasure from Nursery.