Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Vision and Values

Being part of the Oasis family of Academies, the overarching vision of our Academy is to provide 'Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community'. We want to ensure that all of our young people, whatever their starting points or background, get the education they deserve - and they deserve nothing less than exceptional. 

Our academy specific vision and values are that:

  • Every child is safe
  • Every child is nurtured
  • Every child enjoys coming to school

We want to create an environment where each of our young people can thrive and reach their potential. We aim to empower our staff, students and community alike, giving each other the skills and regard to know they are doing a great job, and holding each other up by giving developmental feedback. We are impact and expertise driven and each individual holds a place in ensuring we are helping each other achieve exceptional. 

Our mission doesn't end with our young people. We aim to do the very best we can for our whole community. Find out more about what we are doing at our Community Hub

Oasis Academy endeavours to enrich the lives of the children and community by providing them experiences and learning that goes above and beyond the curriculum. Every child is an Artist is a scheme Hobmoor has been running for a number of years along side Mercurial Dance, the scheme gives children real life experiences with the arts such as Dance, Music, Digital Technology and many more.  Click on the link below to watch our Every Child is An Artist Video.

Every Child is an Artist